National Training Resources


National Training Resources includes several divisions:

NTRL Events Training workshops on European and UK funding, legislation, regulation, compliance, marketing and project management.
Excellence in Learning Organisational development, quality improvement, staff development (see EiL website)
Employer Training Services Staff/management training & development to employers across all sectors of industry, business and commerce.


Other Services

Apart from the four divisions above, NTRL also provide


The effectiveness and economics of services from Government, Public Bodies and large organisations is often related to the quality of their Contract Management.

A series of recent, successful projects has demonstrated NTRL's capability to design, author and deliver large local and national programmes focused on developing the knowledge and skills of contract managers and similar staff. Delivery can be by means of Facilitators & Tutors, e-learning or open-learning.


Organisations often need to run large conferences or series of smaller events in their own name but without the hassle and responsibility of ensuring a totally professional, seamless service to delegates, speakers and their own management.

NTRL has a specific track record of this type of background event management which includes Venue Selection, AV presentation, Staffing, Delegate Packs, Electronic Booking and Joining Instructions. Additional services such as Marketing and Sourcing of Speakers are also available.


NTRL has extensive experience and capability to management large projects, particularly in the Training, Learning, Development and Educational Sector. Typical projects have been:


NTRL has some 20 close associate consultants who cover a wide range of support activities into Learning Providers, FE colleges, Public Bodies, Local Authorities and Large Employers. The work is generally related to quality and organisational development and can focus on programme delivery and system change. Based on both experience and academic background we also provide development courses for management consultants and a toolkit approach for organisations wishing to evaluate the impact of their training department or 'bought-in' training services.