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Sales Training Courses

Darwin said that competition is a fundamental part of the survival process for all organisms. This is reflected perfectly in business, where competition for a share of a market place could make or break an organisation. The methods that companies use to convince clients or the public to work with and buy from them, rather than their competitors, are paramount. Regardless of the type of marketing strategy being used, or at what stage the customer enters the sales channel, the most critical part of the process is convincing these customers to buy your products or services.

The vital skills that can be learnt to effect the proces are the ability to discover your customers’ perception of value; to match the benefits of your products and services to that perception; then build the rapport and trust to convince them that you are the best option for them.

Our range of one day sales courses will provide delegates with understanding and proficiency in these vital sales skills. The training courses each address different aspects of the sales process; they work well as a progressive suite or as stand alone workshops. This training for sales will be suitable for frontline sales staff at all levels.

One Day Open Sales Training Courses

Fundamental Selling Skills - A Comprehensive Introductory Sales Course

Have you ever wondered why some companies continue to successfully sell their product even in difficult times? Is it that their product is better or is it really that their salespeople are using professional sales techniques and developing worthwhile relationships to consistently outperform their competition?

Developing a sales process to give structure to every contact and using established relationship building techniques to really differentiate their company, their product, and themselves consistently produces results even in difficult times.


Advanced Selling Skills - A High Level Look at the Sales Process

Once you are comfortable with your selling skills and have the attributes of a good salesperson, let’s take an in-depth look at selling value against competition.

Real long term differentiation against competition is seldom achieved by dropping the price or increasing offers. The ability to truly communicate, to determine the customer’s perception of value and then either address or change that perception is vital in discovering why people buy in a certain way. Once a salesperson is able to decipher why certain companies/individuals buy in certain ways they can give themselves the best possible chance to sell to any given customer.

We need to examine how we build relationships that differentiate, and ask the questions: What is our Value Proposition? What gives us a Competitive Advantage? Do they really know the Total Cost of Ownership?


Successful Sales Account Management - Learn How to Achieve Great Results by Effective Account Management

How does sales account management differ from prospecting and why is it important? Ideally the sales strategy of an organisation should consist of both. Account management is the process of turning a customer into a steady and significant revenue generator. Convincing them of the benefit of seeing you as a critical business partner requires considerable and ongoing effort.

What information do we require? Who has it? Where do we look?
This course enables you to identify that effort and to systematically plan, using appropriate tools, how to achieve this level of service and how to stay there in the face of competition.


Telesales Essentials - An Intensive Course for Selling over the Telephone

While sharing some elements of the sales process for face-to-face selling, an additional set of skills is necessary to successfully sell on the telephone

Whether to make an appointment or to sell a product or service you have to be able speak to the person who can make a decision and then have a convincing, succinct introduction and process that keeps them on the call long enough for us to achieve our objectives.

It is not so much the number of calls made but rather the quality of those calls. On this Telesales training course delegates learn how to prepare physically and mentally to really make a call work for them and then discover how to replicate this for the next and subsequent calls. Our telesales trainer explains which elements of communication can work for us, and which work against us. Delegates are shown how to stay positive and enthusiastic in the face of uninterested customers, not allowing negativity to follow them from call to call.


Telesales LIVE! - A Sales Trianing Event with Live Coaching and Real Customers (only available as an in-house event)

This course is a highly motivational experience that embeds the skills and techniques introduced in the classroom and enables them to be demonstrated immediately with real customers in real time.

The in-house telephone sales training day is divided into 3 classroom sessions and 3 call out sessions where the callers are coached personally to make appointments or sell products. After each live session the callers are gathered into the classroom to record their successes and to discuss what worked for them.

This means that the course can be modified while still running to tailor it to the requirements of each specific group. The personal attention that each caller receives while speaking to customers is invaluable and highly motivating and produces significant results.