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The National Safeguarding Conference 2013



Conference Chair

Safeguarding Consultant and Trainer of Safeguarding Officers

Welcome and Opening Remarks on:

'National Systems for Safeguarding - Can We Learn From History?'

We have to devise a final backstop which makes major strides in preventing child and baby rape, broken bones, starvation, enforced drowning, burning and faecal imprisonment. Looking at hundreds of serious case reviews, we can see that not enough is being learned in some areas and good practice is still not embedded. 

The February 2009 executive summary of the LSCB Haringey Serious Case Review into the death of baby Peter Connelly stated:

‘The uncooperative, anti-social and even dangerous parent/carer is the most difficult challenge for safeguarders. Parents may be superficially compliant, evasive, deceitful, manipulative and untruthful.  But the Haringey response: ‘Lacked urgency, thoroughness, were insufficiently challenging to the parent, lacked action in response to reasonable interference, were insufficiently focussed on the children’s welfare, were based on too high a threshold for intervention and were based on expectations that were too low.’

We can never make the world 'perfect' but we can reduce error. There is too much discretion in the pathways so far devised.  Which additional legal rules we need will be proposed by me at the National Safeguarding Conference and debated by the delegates with a report on the conference findings being sent to Ministers.

Adriènne Kelbie
Chief Executive
The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)  

'Disclosure and Barring Service – changes that will improve child safeguarding and the protection of vulnerable adults', including:

  • Brief overview of how we got here. The services we offer that support safer recruitment and safeguarding
  • The developments that we have introduced to support applicants and employers in safer recruitment – Update Service, its safer recruitment and safeguarding enhancements
  • Future improvements – barred list notification, advantages of customers being able to access our services digitally

Caroline Brant (Keynote Speaker)
Child Protection Policy Manager
British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)  

'The role of the Safeguarding Officer: Comparing safeguarding systems within statutory and media organisations'

Alan Wood
Director British Association for Adoption and Fostering Central England, (Interim Deputy Chief Executive & Director of BAAF England)

'Experience repeated or lessons learned? Serious Case Reviews and family placement', covering:

  • Where we were: Brighton and Hove SCR; and the Wakefield SCR
  • Where we are: Cheshire East SCR
  • Experience of Children and lessons for Adults

Elizabeth Hall
Safeguarding Adviser (Child & Adult Protection) for the Church of England & Methodist Church

'Moral and Ethical Considerations for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults'

Cheryl Dennett
Child Protection Advisor
NCA CEOP Command
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre

Jonathan Baggaley
Head of Education
The Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre

Sue Johnston-Wilder
Associate Professor of Mathematics Education
University of Warwick Institute of Education

'Child-Centred Risk Analysis'

Mark Conrad
Investigative Journalist
Exaro News

'The fourth emergency service: the role of investigative journalism’

The investigative website Exaro News has led media coverage of child sexual exploitation and safeguarding. Exaro even played a part in helping the Metropolitan Police Service to establish an investigation into historical sexual abuse allegations. The key roles played by the police, local authorities and other safeguarding agencies cannot be over-stated, but serious investigative journalism can help to expose and tackle child abuse and support safeguarding.

This session provides an opportunity to hear how responsible journalism can assist and inform safeguarding professionals, providing a route through which appropriate information that is in the public interest can be shared – including by whistle-blowers and victims.

Conference Debate - An interactive and lively open floor discussion

Speakers include:
David Dennis (Chair), Caroline Brant (BBC), Helen Chandler (Policy Team, DBS), Elizabeth Hall (CofE), Cheryl Dennett & Jonathan Baggaley (CEOP)
, Sue Johnston-Wilder (IOE), Alan Wood (BAAF), Margaret Gardener (FASO), Mark Conrad (Exaro News)

The panel session has been designed as an open forum to all attendees. The debate presents a unique opportunity for delegates to engage in discussion and debate with speakers and fellow delegates on a broad range of topical safeguarding issues, leading to decision making to influence the future direction of Government Policy.

Further information to be announced and published here shortly