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Morning and Afternoon Workshops Series

The programme has been designed to include a series of workshops.

Each workshop will run in the morning and again in the afternoon, to give you the opportunity to attend the two workshops you think will be most useful to you.



WS1:   Developing the Entrepreneurial self efficacy of NEET young people

The idea of NEET young people starting enterprises is an exciting prospect, however in reality only a minority of these young people possess the motivation, self confidence, skills, network and entrepreneurial spirit for a realistic chance of success?  What do enterprise interventions need to look like to improve their chances, and how can enterprise be relevant for those young people with no desire to start a business?

A practical workshop for delegates to experience techniques for developing the entrepreneurial self efficacy of NEET young people, including:

  • Creating the right environment to enable personal growth
  • Developing a supportive team of peers
  • Developing fresh approaches to tackling personal barriers
  • Developing an enterprising mindset

Simon Paine
Head of Centre for Entrepreneurship Highbury College Portsmouth    

WS2:  How to use social media for engaging and converting NEETS

  • How to use the Facebook Wall for recruitment and engagement of NEETS
  • Not everyone will “like” you - going “Beyond the Wall”; Facebook attraction strategies for NEETS
  • Best practice for using Facebook advertising to NEETS

Steve Evans
Managing Director
Net Natives

WS3: The role of quality Careers Education and Impartial Advice and Guidance (CE/IAG) in preventing students from risk of becoming NEET

  • Participants will have an overview of CE/IAG services
  • Participants will experience some hands-on Careers Education
  • Participants will understand the impact of quality Careers Education on disengaged students
  • Participants will have an overview of how CE/IAG can be embedded into Education
  • Participants will understand where they can go for further information and support

Laura-Jane Rawlings
Inspire2Exceed Ltd
Managing Director

Joanne Haddrick
Director, Inspira Solutions

WS4:  Engaging the Disengaged – Understanding and Supporting NEET Students with Special Educational Needs including Syndromes and Conditions

Post-16 young people with Special Educational Needs are more than twice as likely not to be in education, employment or training (NEET) than those without, according to the Teather Report (2011).

Since 1990 there has been a doubling of young people in schools with Special Educational Needs (now 21% of school population) with one of the fastest growing categories being behaviour problems.

Often young people will be affected by multiple conditions which makes it extremely difficult for schools to successfully engage these students and manage their behaviour. As a result many students become disengaged and are lost to the education system.

This workshop will give clear practical strategies to help identify and manage the behaviour of students with syndromes and conditions and to help the student to be able to successfully participate in education and training.

Just some of the syndromes and conditions we will look at include:

  • Autism
  • ADHD
  • Asperger Syndrome
  • Tourette’s Syndrome
  • Conduct Disorder
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome

Dave Vizard
Managing Director
Behaviour Solutions

WS5:  NEET Today - Civil Unrest Tomorrow? Is there funding to help prevent this happening?

Youth unemployment is now at a record high, the NEET group are particularly affected by current social and economic circumstances, is there any funding to support work with this group and provide support for these young people.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to review sources of funding for NEET, ex-offender & young people at risk projects?

The workshop will include:

  • Information on new government initiatives and policies
  • Potential funding sources
  • Review of current trends and developments
  • Potential partnership and contracting opportunities
  • Best practise in this area
  • Case studies
  • Further sources of help and support
  • Other workshops from NTRL covering this area

We examine how local authorities, community projects, schools, youth services, probation services, social enterprises, registered charities and other non-profit making structures working with young people in this area can access funding from a range of diverse funding sources. These are detailed in slides, an information pack and other resources provided as part of the workshop, which will be fully interactive and involve group exercises and discussion.

This workshop does not require previous funding knowledge, but experience or an understanding of the NEET group is helpful.

Gary Parker Specialist Voluntary Sector Consultant
CNT Associates