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Speakers and Content


Conference Chair

Professor Geoff Hayward (Conference Chairman)
Professor of Education and Head of the School of Education at the University of Leeds

Welcome and Opening Remarks on:

Moving on from the idea that young people lack aspiration. Professor Geoff Hayward will remark on how we support community investment in education and training combined with economic regeneration as a more promising way to think about the way forward.

Dr Robin Simmons
Reader in Post-Compulsory Education and Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Post-Compulsory Education at the University of Huddersfield

'The lived experience of NEET young people: Findings from an ethnographic study in the north of England'
This session presents initial findings from the first year of a three year research project conducted by academics at the University of Huddersfield, supported by The Leverhulme Trust. Drawing on ethnographic data, it explores the experiences of a group of NEET young people in the north of England as they move between various sites of engagement and disengagement. The session provides an overview of their backgrounds, ambitions and expectations as they negotiate life on the margins of education and employment. In particular, it focuses on the attitudes of NEET young people towards provision which aims to improve their ‘employability’, and their experiences on these programmes.

Oliver Newton (Keynote Address)
NEET and Narrowing the Gaps Policy Manager
Department for Education (DfE)

'The Government’s Participation and NEET policy' covering:

  • Latest national and international data and research on young people’s participation.
  • Government policy on young people’s participation, including Raising the Participation Age.
  • The Government’s participation strategy.
  • Links to support for older young people, including youth unemployment.

Dr Vincent Pattison FRSA
Research Analyst, Ingeus Centre for Policy and Research
Ingeus - Major Prime Provider of the Work Programme

'Young people and the Work Programme: Joined up provision for sustainable outcomes'
History demonstrates that youth unemployment levels are hyper-sensitive to the economic cycle with low skilled young people often disproportionately negatively impacted in an economic downturn. Recent youth unemployment figures suggest that this recession has been no different. Given the well documented and numerous scarring effects of youth unemployment it is of little surprise that tackling youth unemployment is one of the top priorities of the coalition government as part of a broader focus on reducing the numbers of unemployed people through reforms to the welfare system. One of the main pillars of this reform has been the Work Programme, which uses the expertise of Prime Providers and their partner networks to deliver personalised services aimed at moving unemployed people into sustainable employment. The presentation will focus on some of the key challenges faced by unemployed young people in the current labour market and the role of the Work Programme in providing locally joined up support to move young people into sustainable employment.  

Amanda Selway, Area Manager, Ansbury, Bournemouth
Pippa Allner, Lead Project Worker, Exceler8, Ansbury, Bournemouth

'Exceler8: Reducing NEETS in Bournemouth'

Peter Van Den Broeck, Head of Apprenticeships
& Stephanie Cooper, Young Ambassador
Virgin Media

'Work-based learning for NEET’s – Virgin Media’s solution'

Dave Forshaw
Headteacher, Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School

'Providing Rich and Effective careers advice'

Further information will be published here shortly