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Business Maths: Effective Use of Spreadsheets

Business Maths: Effective Use of Spreadsheets

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Using proper calculation in spreadsheets and databases to improve effectiveness in management and business.

Many managers and business people find that their progress at work would be significantly more dynamic if their execution of correct calculations within spreadsheets and databases could produce impressive and effective visual representation of large amounts of data. In addition to the technical requirements of the work, the modern business environment often requires effective calculating knowledge and skills in order to understand or manipulate data, produce pricing or costing models and forecast performance.

Taking advantage of the power and capabilities of spreadsheets, databases and other apps needs an understanding of how these tools work, together with techniques to use them beneficially.

This one-day intensive interactive workshop will start from the standard everyday processes and build on this with some higher-level ideas and tools extending to:

  • Effective data manipulation in spreadsheets
    • Cost=£2000+(3x£300+£150)=£3050        Cost=£2000+3x(£300+£150)=£3350 which is correct?
  • Speeding up building and linking spreadsheets (with pricing, costing and budgeting models)
  • Understanding, building and using algebraic terms and formulae
    • Maximising profit / Minimising costs within restrictions
    • Identifying break-even points
  • Effective use of percentages
    • Increasing and decreasing percentages
    • Combining percentages
    • Reversing increases and decreases (not as straightforward as you think!)
  • Visual representations of data
    • Linking a graph to multiple data tables
    • Bar charts/Line graphs/Pie charts etc
  • Introduction to Boolean algebra for spreadsheet sorting and database queries
    • IF this AND that OR that AND this THEN do the other one. Using the language of spreadsheets.

The core focus of the workshop will be refreshing and building effective calculation processes.. However, the workshop will also provide an opportunity for participants to become more confident in their own knowledge of, and approach to, using and manipulating data.

The day will suit delegates of all levels with some basic mathematics knowledge and understanding. The learning will be interactive with exercises, discussions and examples delivered in a fun and non-threatening manner.  

Where this workshop is delivered 'in-house' the client may specify areas of knowledge and techniques which they wish to be specifically covered. At 'open' events similar flexible focus can take place, subject to the agreement of the group, once the basic content has been covered. 

Who Should Attend?

This workshop will be of interest to delegates from all types of organisations and sectors who use spreadsheet calculations as part of their work and who would benefit from extending and developing their understanding and skills.

Aims and Objectives

  • Refresh and consolidate basic calculating knowledge & understanding
  • Use this knowledge to build effective spreadsheets and databases
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of some common areas of misunderstanding
  • Extend present knowledge for producing effective spreadsheets


  • Introductions and personal viewpoints
  • A run through or refresher of basic calculation terminology, symbols, terms and disciplines
  • Discussion about usage, problems and benefits
  • Working through some real problems and using a variety of solutions by applying different maths disciplines
  • Analysis of tables of data
  • Boolean techniques for queries filters and selections
  • Using percentages effectively within spreadsheets and databases

Delegate Feedback

"Interesting and useful."
Executive Assistant, Refuge

"Good learning for expanding on spreadsheet knowledge. Enjoyable Course. Facilitator presented well at a good pace, very knowledgeable."
Enterprise Manager, Ixion Holdings

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This workshop is  Price Band B 

Workshop Style

This training course is delivered in a workshop style. It is highly participative with a blend of presentation, group exercises and debate.  A comprehensive delegate pack is included. .


To ensure effective levels of delegate participation, involvement and interaction, delegate numbers are restricted.  This workshop is suitable for groups of 2 to 20 delegates.


Formal CPD certificates are provided after the event in a form which is acceptable as CPD evidence to many professional bodies and institutions.


The facilitator for this workshop is a highly experienced trainer with in-depth subject knowledge.