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The Next Stage of Presentation: Day 2 of Presentation Skills

The Next Stage of Presentation: Day 2 of Presentation Skills

This 1 day course is a natural follow-on course for anyone who has previously attended our Improving Presentation Skills - 1 Day Course. It is strongly advised you attend Day 1 before booking to attend this workshop. Alternatively you may wish to attend our 2 Day Course: Award Winning Presentation Skills.

This highly interactive workshop will build on the solid foundations you will have learnt in day 1 and move you on to the next stages by looking at further key aspects of presenting, such as; voice control, effective humour, preparation, handling questions, and visual aids.


A Review of Day One’s Major Messages

  • Practice
  • From Day One Skills to the Formal Presentation


  • When to be amusing
  • Gauging your audience - Appropriateness
  • What makes a funny story/a good joke? - Analysing humour
  • Delivery
  • From deadpan delivery to the knockout joke

The Voice

  • Voice variation
  • Pitching your voice
  • Voice exercises

Physical and Mental Preparation

  • Relaxing before the presentation - the Alexander technique
  • Mental relaxation - getting the butterflies to fly in formation
  • How we should view ourselves 1st and our audience 2nd

Venue considerations

  • Professional presenter’s checklist
  • The psychology of the group layout to suit your message, the presentation and the audience type


  • Appropriate styles and colours for your audience and your presentation

Visual Aids

  • The good and bad news of visual aids
  • (You are your best visual aid)
  • Best advice on visual aids - what is and is not effective
  • Power Point – how to use it and how not to
  • Other visual aids available?
  • Emphasising major messages
  • Tips on visual age use - looking professional

Tough Questioners and Tough Questions

  • What to do when - there are no questions
  • You have no answers
  • Types of difficult questions
  • A member or members of the audience are being difficult
  • Staying in control
  • Ensuring major messages are not lost

Who Should Attend?

One day workshop is for people who have attended day 1 and want to build on the basic knowledge, confidence and skills they now have.

If you have to deliver training, team briefings, talk to staff and teams, lead sales pitches, deliver at conference, be in front of an audience and/or you simply want to feel even more confident about presenting then this is the course for you.

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In-house Event for Your Organisation
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This workshop is  Price Band D 

Workshop Style

This training course is delivered in a workshop style. It is highly participative with a blend of presentation, group exercises and debate.  A comprehensive delegate pack is included. .


To ensure effective levels of delegate participation, involvement and interaction, delegate numbers are restricted.  This workshop is suitable for groups of 2 to 20 delegates.


Formal CPD certificates are provided after the event in a form which is acceptable as CPD evidence to many professional bodies and institutions.


The facilitator for this workshop is a highly experienced trainer with in-depth subject knowledge.