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Fundamental Selling Skills

Fundamental Selling Skills

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Fundamental Selling Skills - 1 Day Course


This intensive one-day workshop, suitable for all levels of sales professionals, will give delegates a thorough grounding in current sales technique that, when combined with their own personality and flair, will give them the best chance to overcome common objections, secure top leads and close a greater number of sales.

This short-burst high-impact sales training uses strong theory as a structure but concentrates, through exercises and discussion, on the hands-on practice of selling.

Learning Objectives

Following the workshop delegates will be able to

  • plan a sales campaign
  • recognise the necessary personal attributes of the salesman
  • recognise that selling is a process with two vital elements
  • define that process
  • breakdown that process into its component parts and begin to improve each part
  • develop questioning and skills
  • handle objections using the two vital elements
  • close – basic closes and how and when to close

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Who Should Attend?

This workshop is suitable for current or prospective sales professionals of all levels; those who want to learn the fundamentals of sales, those keen to refine their techniques, and all who are determined to increase their sales figures!

Delegate Feedback

'Very useful, the facilitator was very helpful.'
Sales Consultant, Lighthouse Vending

'Good refresher.'
Business Development Manager, Cleanology

'Understanding & building on the basic skills of sales. Very helpful - interesting all day, did not notice the time going.'
Team Leader, Stratford Upon Avon College

'Very well delivered. The Facilitator was very passionate & Knowledgeable - Highly recommend to anyone.'
Business Development, Lins Menai


The workshop will cover:

Strategic Selling

  • Available Targets – use Ansoff to begin the process.
  • Ansoff’s Matrix – how to classify and rank available targets.

The Marketing Plan

  • Sources of Information – free information that enables us to fully identify all of the players in sectors already served.
  •  Using the internet to enable us to put together a better marketing plan.

The Alpha List

  • How to establish an Alpha List to decide who we will approach.
  • How to keep it alive

Preparation before Contact

  • Once we have obtained a list of targets, what preparation do we need before we contact them?
  • Where can we get that information?

The KASH Profile

  • What personal attributes must a successful salesperson have?

Tactical Selling - Telephone Skills

  • How can we make the telephone really work for us?
  • Do’s and don’ts of persuasion on the telephone
  • Tips for using your voice effectively
  • The Telephone Sales Effort Funnel
  • The benefits of Cold Calling
  • Gatekeepers and how to get past them
  • Voicemail – how to leave messages that get return calls

The Sales Process

The sales process will be the method that we will use to guide and control the customer from first contact through to achieving our objective. It will include:

  • Rapport Graph the sales process graphically described
  • Introduction – a powerful series of statements that control the way that the customer thinks of us, whilst introducing the purpose of our call.
  • Observation - What are we looking/listening for, and why?
  • Questioning Skills - the engine that drives the process
    • The benefits of Questioning
    • “Learning from medicine”                        
    • Questioning techniques to get their attention
  • The Process Template
    • Using a real company - bringing together all we have done so far
  • Listening Skills
    • Barriers to listening
    • Assumptions
  • Selling the Sizzle
    • Cross-Selling/Up-selling
    • Selling value
  • Objection Handling
    • What objections do we hear every day and how do we answer them?
    • Considered Response vs Reactive Response
  • Closing Skills
    • What is Closing?
    • Closing and the Sales Process  
    • When to Close
    • Barriers to Closing
    • Some methods of Closing that really work

Taking the Training forward

Discussion and any further questions

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In-house Event for Your Organisation
We can run this topic as an in-house event for your organisation on your premises. This can provide a high quality and cost effective staff development route.
This workshop is  Price Band B 

Workshop Style

This training course is delivered in a workshop style. It is highly participative with a blend of presentation, group exercises and debate.  A comprehensive delegate pack is included. .


To ensure effective levels of delegate participation, involvement and interaction, delegate numbers are restricted.  This workshop is suitable for groups of 2 to 20 delegates.


Formal CPD certificates are provided after the event in a form which is acceptable as CPD evidence to many professional bodies and institutions.


The facilitator for this workshop is a highly experienced trainer with in-depth subject knowledge.