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Essential Negotiation Skills

Essential Negotiation Skills

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We all negotiate, it is part of our lives and yet very few of us know how to do it well. It is an interesting experience to travel and encounter people from countries where bartering is a part of their way of life; to many from the UK it feels like an alien process.

The buying and selling of services, goods, skills or time is part of what we have to do on a daily basis but for many of us we do not negotiate unless we really have to - or it is accepted that we should - as with ‘Big Ticket’ items such as a car or house.

Yet negotiation is really a simple enough process to learn to do well and, as with most things, some good simple planning will generate a much better position for the negotiator. In the negotiation itself it is vital to recognise where you are in that process and what you have to do to move it onto the next stage. Negotiators need to know how to deal with the tricks and techniques that they might encounter and this workshop will provide you with tools and skills to confront these challenges

Aims and Objectives

The workshop will aim to ensure all delegates have a comprehensive understanding of successful negotiating and be able to usefully apply the skills learnt through regular practice and coaching, post-programme.

By the end of the course delegates will be better able to

  • understand the difference between long and short term strategy
  • understand the different negotiating styles and see which one favours them
  • recognise and be able to combat tough negotiators and their techniques
  • successfully plan a negotiation
  • recognise the stages of a negotiation and how to move it on
  • explore needs and wants
  • stay in control through the negotiation
  • understand the sources of personal power in a negotiation


The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • General Principles
  • Negotiation and selling
  • Different negotiating styles
  • The Dirty Dozen
  • The Four Stages
  • The Four Cardinal Points
  • The Process
  • Negotiate late and little
  • My organisation’s needs and my personal needs
  • Seek first to understand, before being understood
  • Maximum leverage
  • Upper and lower ranges of negotiation
  • Principles
  • Keep it moving
  • Body language
  • Silence
  • Conflict
  • Summarise
  • Maximising and minimising of our power
  • Personal negotiating styles
  • Average and skilled negotiators

Delegate Feedback

"My sincere gratitude for the course, it was very intuitive, challenging and extremely motivating.  Everyone’s personal feedback, to me, was one of high praise"
Field Sales Support Manager - Mediplus

"The overall knowledge gained will benefit my sales/negotiations - great day!"
Sales Manager, Mawsley Machinery

"Better negotiation with suppliers/clients to maximise company profits!"
Managing Director, SJ Event Consultancy Limited

"Very enjoyable course, great delivery - very useful tips and good overview"
Community Engagement and Partnership Manager, Manchester Sports and Leisure Trust

"Absolutely brilliant"
Sales Specialist, Mediplus

Who Should Attend?

A one-day workshop for all those with any responsibility for negotiation. If you deal with other departments, wage bartering, suppliers or customers and there are variables present, then this programme ensures an ideal negotiating approach is taken by guiding the participant through the whole process.


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In-house Event for Your Organisation
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This workshop is  Price Band C 

Workshop Style

This training course is delivered in a workshop style. It is highly participative with a blend of presentation, group exercises and debate.  A comprehensive delegate pack is included. .


To ensure effective levels of delegate participation, involvement and interaction, delegate numbers are restricted.  This workshop is suitable for groups of 2 to 20 delegates.


Formal CPD certificates are provided after the event in a form which is acceptable as CPD evidence to many professional bodies and institutions.


The facilitator for this workshop is a highly experienced trainer with in-depth subject knowledge.