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Improving Presentation Skills - 1 Day Course

Improving Presentation Skills - 1 Day Course

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Virtually all of us at some stage in our careers (or indeed, in our private life) have to stand up and present and yet very few of us are any good at it. The level of presenting is generally so poor that it has spawned the modern phrase: ‘Death by PowerPoint’. Few people know how to present well enough to generate audience reaction and interaction.

A successful presentation is one that wins people; it is one after which they say or think:

  • "That was - clear, interesting, informative, enjoyable, inspiring"
  • "He/she was - knowledgeable, confident, prepared, at ease ...a natural!"
  • "I am - glad I came, ready to buy, persuaded, excited by what I heard"

Most people are so frightened of the prospect of presenting that one survey’s participants put presenting right at the top of what they feared most, way ahead of snakes, flying, spiders and even death!

But it is also fact that as you progress up the career ladder then the art of presenting becomes more and more important and integral to your job: presenting to staff, visitors, suppliers, customers, your team, etc…

Two Day Presentation Training Course

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Aims and Objectives

To enable all-levels of delegates to leave the programme knowing how to successfully create a presentation and present it so they will feel confident enough to generate positive reaction and interaction from their audiences.

The Process Involves:


  • Where are we now?
  • What's hindering our presentation style?
  • Where would we like to be by the end of the course?


  • Our attitudes
  • The audience's attitudes
  • Techniques of presentation
  • How to maintain interest and involvement even with complex technical messages
  • How to structure and organise a presentation


  • Regular practice and coaching using delegates' own DVDs


  • That comes from awareness, practice, understanding and coaching


The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Basic Presentation Skills messages
  • First Principles - Body Language
  • Pace
  • Eye Contact
  • Structuring a Presentation
  • Five Minute Presentation – filmed and coached

Delegate Feedback

"This training was excellent, the trainer not only delivered a great session, he modelled excellent practice throughout the day. This is definitely training that I will talk about for a long long time"
Tutor & Quality Co-ordinator - London Borough of Camden

"I have found this day "inspirational"- thank you!"
Head of Apprenticeship, Academy & Enterprise, FE College

"I can share the very considerable benefits of the day with senior colleagues.  It has been extremely worthwhile - thank you"
Director of Faculty, Bilborough College

"Thank you - Presentations terrified me previously - I feel now I have some useful tools to build my confidence further"
Service Development Manager, Direct Services

"Best course I have been on in a long time"
Area Catering Manager, Direct Services

"Great presenter - awesome man!"
Progress Review Manager, National Farrier Training Agency

"Absolutely excellent training, would recommend this trainer to everyone"
Community Development Manager, London Borough of Camden

Who Should Attend?

One day basic skills workshop for people who want the knowledge, confidence and skills to be able to step in front of an audience and present well.

If you have to deliver training, team briefings, talk to staff and teams, lead sales pitches, deliver at conference, be in front of an audience and/or you simply want to feel a great deal more confident about presenting then this is the course for you.

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This workshop is  Price Band D 

Workshop Style

This training course is delivered in a workshop style. It is highly participative with a blend of presentation, group exercises and debate.  A comprehensive delegate pack is included. .


To ensure effective levels of delegate participation, involvement and interaction, delegate numbers are restricted.  This workshop is suitable for groups of 2 to 20 delegates.


Formal CPD certificates are provided after the event in a form which is acceptable as CPD evidence to many professional bodies and institutions.


The facilitator for this workshop is a highly experienced trainer with in-depth subject knowledge.