2019 Company Board Director Roles and Responsibilities 2 Days (333)

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Delegate Registration and Refreshments

Opening Remarks - Objectives for the day

Overview of Workshop

  • Who can be a Director and Types/ Roles of Directors
  • Powers of Directors and Companies Act 2006
  • Companies House & HMRC the Reporting Roles

Tea/Coffee Break

  • Group Exercise 1
  • Statutory Responsibilities & Roles in Reporting Company Changes


Introduction to the Afternoon Session         

  • Group Exercise 2
  • Personal Responsibilities, Board Meetings & Due Diligence
  • Conflicts of Interest- situational & transactional issues

Tea/Coffee Break

  • Group Exercise 3
  • Liabilities of Directors - Before & After Appointment
  • Shares and Service Contracts
  • Next Steps
  • Further Resources

Evaluation & Review of Objectives

Workshop Close