Opportunities for Associate Tutors, Facilitators and Consultants

Sharing and Delivering New Approaches and Good Practice

Employer Training Services provide a wide range of workshops, expert advice and consultancy to the Commercial and/or Corporate Sectors. Our support covers all aspects of people, business and organisational development.
We are keen to expand the range and scope of our capability and whilst current subjects are listed on the topics page we would like to hear from training consultants who have experience in different but related areas or particular approaches to topics.

The criteria for joining the team should include all or some of these competencies.

  • Detailed knowledge and experience in the specific subject or topic
  • Professional, dynamic and engaging style of tutoring, facilitating or consultancy
  • Appropriate qualifications and/or professional memberships
  • Working experience in the sector at a relevant level of training management
  • Qualified and experienced delivery of train the trainer or other practitioner courses
  • Demonstrable knowledge of good practice and innovative approaches

In most cases we would expect new team members to be interested in and capable of designing and authoring new workshops to an agreed budget and timetable.

Above all we look for an enthusiastic involvement in helping develop skills and tools in this area of training management coupled with a strong interest in both the results of their work and the impact on the employer organisations.

To progress your interest further, please Contact Us initially, with details of your specialisms and experience, and we will get back to you to discuss it further.


Potential Areas of Interest Include
but not exclusively:

Accounting and Book Keeping
Finance, Credit & Accounting
Finance for non Financial Managers
Tax and Legislation
Purchasing & Procurement
Office, Admin & Secretarial
Organisational Development
Management Development
Management Techniques
Strategy & Change
Personal Development
Performance Skills
H&S Qualifications
IT Management
IT User
Web and E-mail
Presentation Skills
Press and Media
Staff Development
Train the Trainer
Business Development
Social Media
International Trade & Export
Customer Service Excellence