Bring in the Expert

Bring in the ExpertETS Support typically falls into one of the categories below but these are only indicative because ultimately each solution is tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

'In house' workshops

All our existing workshops can be delivered at your premises or at a venue close to you. Alternatively, we can develop bespoke programmes to your specification. Both approaches are favoured by our current clients as they provide a high quality and value-for-money staff development route. By running workshops 'in house', participants can be encouraged to share ideas and agree development/ implementation plans that are owned by them and have the best chance of delivering results. More Details


We have a wide range of highly experienced specialist consultant, who would work with you on a one-to-one basis, providing advice, guidance and direction on the biggest challenges facing your business.

Our consultants could support your business at a variety of levels ranging from Boardroom Evaluation and Strategic Risk Assessment to Coaching or Training Senior Executives, in order to deliver the implementation of key Change Management.  We would provide you with a consultant who would closely match your individual specific needs.

Consultancy rates would vary according to the experience and expertise required.

We are happy to assist with no obligation quotes against your project briefs.

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