About Employer Training Services


Employer Training Services (ETS) is a division of Quantum Jobs.com.  We provide high quality management training, as well as staff and management development, to employers across all sectors. This includes, for example: Education and Training, Financial Services, Central Government and Local Authorities, Recruitment, Human Resources, Retail Services, Leisure and Tourism, Manufacturing, Construction, Logistics and Distributions, E-commerce, Information Technology, Professional Services, as well as Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

The topics, courses and support available are designed to meet the diverse needs of modern business. Our clients vary in size from small SMEs to very large multi-national organisations with annual sales of over £1bn.  In all cases we provide top-class solutions.

We maintain a laser-like focus on quality, service and very importantly the definition and achievement of learning objectives.  Our attention is nearly always on the “how to”, with participants leaving the training seminars with the attitude “what can I improve tomorrow”.